THEPRINCIPLES solve the greatest challenges facing business, families and philanthropy

A new kind of consulting

We created a new kind of consulting designed to follow THEPRINCIPLES.

THEPRINCIPLES COMPANY is a consulting and advisory firm serving businesses and families. We build stronger relationships based on belief in a set of shared values. We follow timeless standards to create new ways to solve today’s greatest challenges.


THEPRINCIPLES were codified millennia ago and establish standards for managing business and impacting generations.


Fair dealing and fair value are the cornerstones of business.


It is good to leave an inheritance for generations.


Charity offers great rewards.


The power to create wealth has a purpose.


A discipline investment process begins with trust and skill.


Place a hedge protection around everything.



Creating high impact businesses

We consult with businesses to establish clear standards that improve performance and impact culture. Businesses are increasingly on the frontline of social issues and are expected to faithfully manage both profitability and responsibility. While the prevailing view in consulting is toward self-governance, we believe innovation and productivity flourish with accountability. Sustainable achievement is built through mentoring and training. Measurable goal setting creates clear expectations in management, operations and sales that transform corporate culture.



Solving shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves

We consult with families to transfer knowledge and wealth for generations. Family members, our possessions and extended community are at the core of society. Our legacy depends greatly on what we share with those in our immediate social groups. Communication is integral for successful wealth transfer, but information alone does not bring about the change necessary for heirs to become good stewards. We believe transferring knowledge, particularly an understanding of character and virtue, with wealth is what transforms heirs and creates generational legacy.



Better to give

We advise families why, how and where to give. Charity can provide effective relief and offer great rewards under the right conditions and circumstances. Understanding why some social issues will always require charity enables donors to choose how and where to give and know what kind of results can be expected.



Doing well and doing good

We advise philanthropists how to design programs that achieve specific goals. The power of wealth has a particular purpose. Philanthropy harnesses this power for the peace, prosperity and welfare of entire communities. In addition to focusing on economic development, we believe family, community and religious programs are essential to successful philanthropy.



Outperforming impact investing

We advise investors how to outperform and create measurable impact. Investing is allocating capital for the purpose of producing a profit. Investing also includes endowing someone or something with principle. Good stewards create, multiply and preserve wealth by following principles throughout the investment process.



Protecting all around

We advise families how to protect everyone and everything. The greatest generational wealth transfer in history is subject to an increasing amount of risk. Businesses and families require strategies to eliminate or minimize risk everywhere they live, work and serve from litigation, taxation, and personal and cyber-attack.



We are thought leaders that bring clarity to purpose and resolution to debate.


Contact us to learn how we can serve you and faithfully transform your business, family and giving for generations.